Age model of ODP Site 184-1146 (Table 1), supplement to: Liu, Zhifei; Trentesaux, Alain; Clemens, Steven C; Colin, Christophe; Wang, Pinxian; Huang, Baoqi; Boulay, Sebastien (2003): Clay mineral assemblages in the northern South China Sea: implications for East Asian monsoon evolution over the past 2 million years. Marine Geology, 201(1-3), 133-146

Zhifei Liu, Alain Trentesaux, Steven C Clemens, Christophe Colin, Pinxian Wang, Baoqi Huang & Sebastien Boulay
Clay mineral assemblages at ODP Site 1146 in the northern South China Sea are used to investigate sediment source and transport processes and to evaluate the evolution of the East Asian monsoon over the past 2 Myr. Clay minerals consist mainly of illite (22–43%) and smectite (12–48%), with associated chlorite (10–30%), kaolinite (2–18%), and random mixed-layer clays (5–22%). Hydrodynamic and mineralogical studies indicate that illite and chlorite sources include Taiwan and the Yangtze River, that...
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