Stable carbon isotope ratios of Cibicidoides wuellerstorfi of MIS 2 time slices, supplement to: Thunell, Robert C; Poli, Maria-Serena; Rio, Domenico (2002): Changes in deep and intermediate water properties in the western North Atlantic during marine isotope stages 11-12: evidence from ODP Leg 172. Marine Geology, 189(1-2), 63-77

Robert C Thunell, Maria-Serena Poli & Domenico Rio
The interval of time represented by marine isotope stages 11 and 12 (~360–470 ka) contains what may be the most extreme glacial and interglacial climate conditions of the Late Pleistocene. It has been suggested that sea level rose by ~160 m at the termination of glacial stage 12. This is 30% greater than the sea level rise that followed the most recent glacial maximum. There have been few detailed studies of the unique conditions that...
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