Geochemical investigation and determination of hiatuses on Voering Plateau sediment records, supplement to: Bruns, P; Dullo, Wolf-Christian; Hay, William W; Frank, Martin; Kubik, Peter W (1998): Hiatuses on Voering Plateau: sedimentary gaps or preservation artifacts? Marine Geology, 145(1-2), 61-84

P Bruns, Wolf-Christian Dullo, William W Hay, Martin Frank & Peter W Kubik
The sediments recovered on ODP Leg 104 have been reported to be characterized by hiatuses. The hiatuses were defined by biostratigraphy and were believed to be caused by erosion related to temporary changes of bottom current composition and velocity. They have been associated with major paleoenvironmental changes, reorganization of global deep water production, and increased bottom water flows. Because of the importance of hiatuses for ongoing research, we decided to closely investigate the sedimentation history...
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