(Table 1) Carbonate concentration of sediments from ODP Leg 164, supplement to: Balsam, William L; Deaton, Bobby C; Damuth, John E (1998): The effects of water content on diffuse reflectance spectrophotometry studies of deep-sea sediment cores. Marine Geology, 149(1-4), 177-189

William L Balsam, Bobby C Deaton & John E Damuth
Sediment cores recovered during ODP drilling operations are commonly scanned using a Minolta CM-2002 spectrophotometer to obtain spectral data. Core processing procedures aboard the JOIDES Resolution require that these spectral data be measured on wet cores. However, the effects of changing water content on the spectra of marine sediments is unknown. We examined the effects of changing water content on visible light (VIS) diffuse refiectance spectra for core samples composed of clay to foraminiferal ooze....
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