Ages and sedimentation rates of bottom sediments from the south arid zone of the Pacific Ocean, supplement to: Dekov, Vesselin M; Kuptsov, Vladimir M (1990): Rates of accumulation of metal-bearing sediments on the East Pacific Rise (20°S). Oceanology, 30(3), 321-324

Vesselin M Dekov & Vladimir M Kuptsov
Radiocarbon datings are used to calculate mean sedimentation rates of metalliferous sediments in the southern arid zone of the Pacific Ocean adjoining the axis of the East Pacific rise (20°S). Owing to low sedimentation rates and intense mixing, only averaged figures could be obtained for ages less than 16 ky. Sedimentation rate varies from 0.3 to about 1 cm/1000 years in the surface layer and is several times higher in the time interval from 20...
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