Composition of standard reference samples of Fe-Mn nodules and bottom sediments, supplement to: Berkovits, Leonid A; Obol'yaninova, V G; Baturin, Gleb N (1990): Standard specimens of iron-manganese nodules and surrounding sediments. Oceanology, 30(3), 329-335

Leonid A Berkovits, V G Obol'yaninova & Gleb N Baturin
The first series of Soviet standard reference samples of composition of ore materials and ocean pelagic sediments has been created. It includes iron-manganese nodules (SDO-4, SDO-5 and SDO-6), ore crusts (SDO-7) diatomaceous ooze (SDO-8), and deep-sea red clays (SDO-9). The standards are intended to serve as a metrologic basis for physical, physicochemical and chemical analyses of iron-manganese minerals and ocean sediments. The standards are provided with certified analyses of rock-forming components and certain trace elements....
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