(Table 2) Weight percent organic carbon from ODP Site 138-847, supplement to: Balsam, William L; Deaton, Bobby C (1996): Determining the composition of late Quaternary marine sediments from NUV, VIS, and NIR diffuse reflectance spectra. Marine Geology, 134(1-2), 31-55

William L Balsam & Bobby C Deaton
As the length of marine cores increases and sampling intervals decrease, the need for rapid and inexpensive means of determining sediment composition has become apparent. In this study we examine one potentially useful technique for assessing compositional changes in marine cores, diffuse reflectance spectrophotometry. We examined near-ultraviolet, visible, and near-infrared reflectance spectra from five data sets. Each data set consists of calibration samples and test samples. The calibration samples' spectra were related to a sediment...
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