(Table 1) Magnetostratigraphy of sediment core 34KL cruise SO 67-1, supplement to: Beiersdorf, Helmut; Bickert, Torsten; Cepek, Pavel; Fenner, Juliane M; Petersen, N; Schönfeld, Joachim; Weiss, W; Won, M-Z (1995): High-resolution stratigraphy and the response of biota to Late Cenozoic environmental changes in the central equatorial Pacific Ocean (Manihiki Plateau). Marine Geology, 125(1-2), 29-59

Helmut Beiersdorf, Torsten Bickert, Pavel Cepek, Juliane M Fenner, N Petersen, Joachim Schönfeld, W Weiss & M-Z Won
An undisturbed 16 m late Pliocene-Pleistocene sediment core spanning 2.6 Myr of deposition was recovered from the Manihiki Plateau by the German research vessel Sonne in 1990. This core 34KL complements the heavily disturbed late Pliocene-Pleistocene core sections of DSDP Site 317, and is well suited for stratigraphic correlation.The sediments consist of calcareous microfossils (93-97% CaCO3), minor portions of siliceous microfossils and detrital minerals. All important calcareous microfossil zones could be identified and correlated with...
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