(Table 1) Maceral composition and organic carbon chemistry of ODP Leg 104 samples, supplement to: Hölemann, Jens A; Henrich, Rüdiger (1994): Allochthonous versus autochthonous organic matter in Cenozoic sediments of the Norwegian Sea: Evidence for the onset of glaciations in the northern hemisphere. Marine Geology, 121(1-2), 87-103

Jens A Hölemann & Rüdiger Henrich
The Cenozoic sediments sampled in ODP Leg 104 on the Vøring Plateau show a distinct variability of the total organic carbon content (TOC) and the accumulation rates of TOC. Based on the geochemical and organic-petrographic characterization of the sedimentary organic matter (OM), the allochthonous and autochthonous proportion of the OM could be quantified.The results clearly demonstrate that high TOC percentages and TOC accumulation rates in Cenozoic sediment sections display a generally high input of allochthonous...
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