(Table 2) pH and concentrations of dissolved and particulate chemical elements in the mixing zone of the Yur'eva River water and the Okhotsk Sea water, supplement to: Fazlullin, Sergey M; Savenko, Vitaly S (1992): Geochemical characteristics of the zone of mixing of acidic volcanic waters with sea water. Oceanology, 32(2), 165-169

Sergey M Fazlullin & Vitaly S Savenko
Data on behavior of iron, manganese, nickel, copper, and zinc in the zone where acidic volcanic waters of the Yur'eva River (Paramushir Island, Kuril Islands) mix with sea water are presented. Distributions of dissolved and particulate forms of these elements indicate that the mixing zone acts as a pH-based geochemical barrier, at which almost all dissolved iron and smaller amounts of other metals are precipitated. When chemogenic particulate matter formed in the mixing zone enters...
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