Paleontological and sedimentological investigations of a sediment profile from northeast Greenland, supplement to: Wagner, Bernd; Bennike, Ole; Cremer, Holger; Klug, Martin (2010): Late Quaternary history of the Kap Mackenzie area, northeast Greenland. Boreas, 39(3), 492-504

Bernd Wagner, Ole Bennike, Holger Cremer & Martin Klug
The Kap Mackenzie area on the outer coast of northeast Greenland was glaciated during the last glacial stage, and pre-Holocene shell material was brought to the area. Dating of marine shells indicates that deglaciation occurred in the earliest Holocene, before 10 800 cal. a BP. The marine limit is around 53 m a.s.l. In the wake of the deglaciation, a glaciomarine fauna characterized the area, but after c. one millennium a more species-rich marine fauna...
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