Planktic infusoria in the California upwelling region, supplement to: Tumantseva, Nataliya I (1992): Biomass and size structure of the planktic infusoria community of the California upwelling zone in early spring. Oceanology, 32(2), 182-185

Nataliya I Tumantseva
Biomass and size structure of planktic infusoria communities were investigated in March 1987 at nine stations on a 370 mile transect across the coastal upwelling zone, the California current, and subtropical waters. Infusoria compose up to 71-92% of total biomass of heterotrophic micro- and nannoplankton; their biomass was 0.6-2.0 g/m**2 in the 0-200 m layer. Distinctive characteristics of taxonomic and size structures were of great diversity of microplanktic Stormbilidiwn forms, comparatively low abundance of tintinnids,...
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