Oxidation rate of thiosulfate and elemental sulfur in the Black Sea, supplement to: Sorokin, Yury I (1992): Oxidation of thiosulfate and molecular sulfur in the redox zone of the Black Sea in winter and spring. Oceanology, 32(5), 600-605

Yury I Sorokin
Oxidation rate of 35S-thiosulfate under simulated natural conditions and abundance of thiosulfate-oxidizing bacteria in a redox zone of the Black Sea are lower during winter and spring than in summer, especially in halistatic regions. Oxidation of thiosulfate under natural conditions is performed chiefly by lithotropic thionic bacteria, whose activity is limited by low temperatures. Adding thiosulfate and readily available organic matter to water samples from the redox zone and raising temperature of water stimulated activity...
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