Mineral composition of 0.1-0.05 mm grain size fraction from the surface layer of bottom sediments in the West European province of the Atlantic Ocean, supplement to: Lisitzin, Alexander P; Kharin, Gennady S (1996): Ice-rafted rock material in the Kings Trough area, North Atlantic: origin, age, and identification criteria. Translated from Okeanologiya, 1996, 36(4), 598-605, Oceanology, 36(4), 563-570

Alexander P Lisitzin & Gennady S Kharin
Rock material sampled from the Mir manned deep-sea submersibles and by dradges, grabs, and sediment cores over a vast area of the North Atlantic was analyzed to show that this material is of continental origin, unlike original rocks of the ocean floor. It is proved to be related to iceberg rafting during Quaternary glaciations. Independent data on distribution and composition of sandy and silty grains in sediment cores also support this relation to the recent...
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