Organic nitrogen and organic phosphorus concentrations bays of the White Sea, supplement to: Chugaynova, V A; Nesterova, G I; Konnov, Vitaly A; Maksimova, M P (1993): Organic nitrogen and phosphorus forms in White Sea bays. Oceanology, 33(2), 167-174

V A Chugaynova, G I Nesterova, Vitaly A Konnov & M P Maksimova
Concentrations of organic and mineral nitrogen and phosphorus in waters from different types of bays were determined during summer of 1987. Content of organic nitrogen in surface waters reached 80-97% of total; content of mineral phosphorus was 60-100%. Concentrations of N_org and P_org in deep waters decreased to 70 and 40%, respectively. Distribution of organic matter in the bays was controlled by river run-off.
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