Grain size composition of metalliferous sediments from the East Pacific Rise axial zone at 21°S, supplement to: Dekov, Vesselin M; Levitan, Mikhail A; Ruskova, N P (1993): Granulometric analysis of metalliferous sediments of East Pacific Rise (exemplified by axial zone 21°S). Oceanology, 33(3), 370-374

Vesselin M Dekov, Mikhail A Levitan & N P Ruskova
It is shown that a laser granulometric analysis makes it possible to obtain adequate results with respect to grain size composition of metalliferous sediments in contrast to water-mechanical types of analysis. Metalliferous sediments of the studied region are usually represented by pelitic (<0.01 mm) oozes, less frequently by silty-pelitic and fine silt oozes.
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