High-resolution marine record of sediment core MD99-2343 in the Balearic Sea, supplement to: Frigola, Jaime; Moreno, Ana; Cacho, Isabel; Canals, Miquel; Sierro, Francisco Javier; Flores, José-Abel; Grimalt, Joan O (2008): Evidence of abrupt changes in Western Mediterranean Deep Water circulation during the last 50 kyr: A high-resolution marine record from the Balearic Sea. Quaternary International, 181(1), 88-104

Jaime Frigola, Ana Moreno, Isabel Cacho, Miquel Canals, Francisco Javier Sierro, José-Abel Flores & Joan O Grimalt
The IMAGES core MD99-2343, recovered from a sediment drift north of the island of Minorca, in the north-western Mediterranean Sea, holds a high-resolution sequence that is perfectly suited to study the oscillations of the overturning system of the Western Mediterranean Deep Water (WMDW). Detailed analysis of grain-size and bulk geochemical composition reveals the sensitivity of this region to climate changes at both orbital and centennial-millennial temporal scales during the last 50 kyr. The dominant orbital...
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