(Table 1) Compositional variation with depth in a nodule of sediment sample RVG-10D, supplement to: Banakar, Virupaxa K; Nair, R R; Tarkian, M; Haake, Birgit (1993): Neogene oceanographic variations recorded in manganese nodules from the Somali Basin. Marine Geology, 110(3-4), 393-402

Virupaxa K Banakar, R R Nair, M Tarkian & Birgit Haake
A detailed study of a nodule from the Somali Basin dated by 230Thexcess was correlated with the paleoceanographic events recorded in Site 236 (Leg 24) Deep Sea Drilling Project (DSDP) cores. Tentative indications are that the phase of nodule accretion starting with the development of pillar structure at a depth of 20 mm in the nodule around 13 Ma coincides with increased Antarctic Bottom Water (AABW) flow and an elevated calciumcarbonate compensation depth (CCD).The Late...
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