Age determination of the Vendian intrusions in the polar Urals, supplement to: Gee, David G; Beliakova, Liana; Pease, Victria; Larionov, Alexander N; Dovshikova, Lena (2000): New, single zircon (pb-evaporation) Aages from vendian intrusions in the basement beneath the Pechora Basin, northeastern Baltica. Polarforschung, 68, 161-170

David G Gee, Liana Beliakova, Victria Pease, Alexander N Larionov & Lena Dovshikova
The Precambrian basement beneath the Pechora Basin of northern Russia is known from deep (up to approx. 4.5 km) drill holes to be largely composed of Neoproterozoic successions, variously deformed and metamorphosed and intruded by magmatic suites of Vendian age. Presented here are new single- zircon, Pb-evaporation (Kober method) ages from eight intrusions across the Izhma, Pechora and Bolshezemel'skaya Zones, all from below the Lower Ordovician (locally Middle Cambrian) unconformity. The majority of the intrusions...
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