Lithium sources in pore fluids of Peru slope, supplement to: Martin, Jonathan B; Kastner, Miriam; Elderfield, Henry (1991): Lithium: sources in pore fluids of Peru slope sediments and implications for oceanic fluxes. Marine Geology, 102(1-4), 281-292

Jonathan B Martin, Miriam Kastner & Henry Elderfield
High Li concentrations, up to a maximum of 1155 µM are observed in the pore fluids of the Peru convergent margin slope sediments. At Ocean Drilling Program Sites 683 and 685 (ca. 9°S), the Li concentration depth gradients are twice as steep as at Site 682 and 688 (ca. 11°S). Within the sediments, the most important Li sources are from aluminosilicate minerals. Biogenic opal-A contains little Li and thus dilutes the Li concentration of the...
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