Biomass of picophytoplankton in the Black Sea in winter 1991, supplement to: Kokurkina, E N; Mikaelyan, A S (1994): Composition and distribution of picophytoplankton in the open area of the Black Sea in winter. Oceanology, 34(1), 60-65

E N Kokurkina & A S Mikaelyan
Studies of picophytoplankton were carried out in the open Black Sea from February to April 1991 with concomitant blooming of diatoms. During this period cyanobacteria predominated in picoplankton averaging 98.8% of total picophytoplankton abundance and 95% of total picoplankton biomass. In February number of cells reached 1.5x10**9 per liter in the East Black Sea. Picoplankton biomass decreased during the observation period. From February to March biomass varied from 452 to 4918 mg/m**2 (av. 1632 mg/m**2),...
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