Rocks and minerals from the Strakhov Fracture Zone, 4°N Mid-Atlantic Ridge, supplement to: Udintsev, Gleb B; Beresnev, Alexander F; Golod, V M; Kol'tsova, A V; Kurentsova, Natalia A; Zakharov, M V; Agapova, Galina V; Volokitina, Lyudmila P; Udintsev, Vladimir G (1996): Geological structure of the Strakhov fracture zone (equatorial segment of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge). Oceanology, 35(4), 544-558

Gleb B Udintsev, Alexander F Beresnev, V M Golod, A V Kol'tsova, Natalia A Kurentsova, M V Zakharov, Galina V Agapova, Lyudmila P Volokitina & Vladimir G Udintsev
Geological-geophysical data obtained during Cruises 7, 11, and 12 of R/V Akademic Nikolay Strakhov (1989-1991) within the international project EQUARIDGE in the Strakhov Fracture Zone region (4°N) are presented. The trough of the fracture is interpreted as an open extension joint, a graben produced by stretching along the axis of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Bedrock studies showed that typical mid-ocean tholeiitic basalts occur within the narrow (60 nm wide) axial rift zone, whereas igneous rocks not...
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