Estimation of sea surface temperature from sediment core PS1768-8, supplement to: Zielinski, Ulrich; Gersonde, Rainer; Sieger, Rainer; Fütterer, Dieter K (1998): Quaternary surface water temperature estimations: calibration of a diatom transfer funtion for the Southern Ocean. Paleoceanography, 13(4), 365-383

Ulrich Zielinski, Rainer Gersonde, Rainer Sieger & Dieter K Fütterer
The quantitative diatom analysis of 218 surface sediment samples recovered in the Atlantic and western Indian sector of the Southern Ocean is used to define a base of reference data for paleotemperature estimations from diatom assemblages using the Imbrie and Kipp transfer function method. The criteria which justify the exclusion of samples and species out of the raw data set in order to define a reference database are outlined and discussed. Sensitivity tests with eight...
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