Mean redox potential values in surface sediments along the transect D in the Cretan Sea (Table 1), supplement to: Tselepides, Anastasios; Polychronaki, Thalia; Marrale, Daniela; Akoumianaki, I; Dell'Anno, Antonio; Pusceddu, Antonio; Danovaro, Roberto (2000): Organic matter composition of the continental shelf and bathyal sediments of the Cretan Sea (NE Mediterranean). Progress in Oceanography, 46/2-4, 311-344

Anastasios Tselepides, Thalia Polychronaki, Daniela Marrale, I Akoumianaki, Antonio Dell'Anno, Antonio Pusceddu & Roberto Danovaro
The seasonal, spatial and bathymetric changes in the distribution of chloroplastic pigments (Chl a, phaeopigments and CPE), TOC, TON, ATP, bottom water nutrient content and the main biochemical classes of organic compounds (lipids, proteins and carbohydrates) were recorded from May 1994 to September 1995 over the continental margin of northern Crete. The concentration of chloroplastic pigment equivalents (CPE) was always low, dropping dramatically along the shelf-slope gradient. Microbial activity (ATP) also dropped sharply beyond the...
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