Eocene/Oligocene paleoceanography from ODP Hole 113-689B and Hole 113-690B, supplement to: Diester-Haass, Lieselotte (1991): Eocene/Oligocene paleoceanography in the Antarctic Ocean, Atlantic sector (Maud Rise, ODP Leg 113, Site 689B and 690B). Marine Geology, 100(1-4), 249-276

Lieselotte Diester-Haass
Middle Eocene to Late Oligocene sediments from near the crest (Site 689B, water depth 2080 m) and flank (water depth 2914 m) of the Maud Rise (62°S) have been investigated by coarse fraction analysis and have revealed the following:(1) The middle Eocene (50-40 Ma) was a period of pure carbonate sedimentation, with good preservation of carbonate microfossils. No opal > 40 µm is present.(2) In the late Eocene (40-36.5 Ma) opal fossils (mainly radiolaria, and...
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