Dissolved and particulate organic carbon in the Sea of Okhotsk, supplement to: Agatova, Alina I; Dafner, Evgeny V; Sapozhnikov, Victor V; Torgunova, Nadezhda I; Ukolova, T K (1996): Investigations of dissolved and suspended organic matter distribution in the Sea of Okhotsk. Translated from Okeanologiya, 1996, 36(6), 856-864, Oceanology, 36(6), 808-815

Alina I Agatova, Evgeny V Dafner, Victor V Sapozhnikov, Nadezhda I Torgunova & T K Ukolova
Data on distribution of dissolved and particulate organic matter obtained during Cruises 21 and 24 of R/V Akademik A. Nesmeyanov in June-August 1992 and 1993 are presented. In general a remarkable heterogeneity in distributions of both dissolved and particulate organic carbon is revealed. Concentrations of dissolved organic carbon vary from 98 to 700 µmol/l and those of particulate organic carbon vary from 3 to 50 µmol/l. Maximum concentrations are commonly observed in the shelf region...
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