Composition of micronodules and host sediments from the Guatemala Basin, supplement to: Gorshkov, Anatoly I; Sval'nov, Vyacheslav N; Sivtsov, Alexander V; Ivlev, Pavel A; Uspenskaya, Tatyana Y (1996): Mineralogy of manganese micronodules from the Guatemala Basin. Translated from Okeanologiya, 1996, 36(1), 112-118, Oceanology, 36(1), 102-108

Anatoly I Gorshkov, Vyacheslav N Sval'nov, Alexander V Sivtsov, Pavel A Ivlev & Tatyana Y Uspenskaya
A complex of mineralogical techniques used in studies of near-surface layer hemipelagic sediments indicates that disordered todorokite and hexagonal birnessite dominate in manganese micronodules, whereas hexagonal birnessite is the main phase of micronodules from miopelagic sediments. Content of todorokite increases downward through the miopelagic sedimentary sequence; this can be reasonably explained by transformations of some other manganese minerals to todorokite. Occurrence of several manganese minerals in studied samples may reflect temporal and lateral variations in...
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