Phytoplankton production characteristics and rate of enzyme hydrolysis in the Black Sea in autumn 1992, supplement to: Vedernikov, Vladimir I; Demidov, A B; Korneeva, Galina A (1996): Some features of distribution of phytoplankton production characteristics and rate of hydrolysis of natural polymers in the Black Sea in autumn. Qceanology (Translated from Okeanologiya, 1996, 36(2), 250-259), 36(2), 231-240

Vladimir I Vedernikov, A B Demidov & Galina A Korneeva
Primary production in the water column (P_p) and average chlorophyll "a" content in the photo¬synthesis layer (C_chl) varied within the following ranges: 100-370 mg C/m**2 per day and 0.46-0.66 mg/m**3 in central regions of the sea; 320-500 mg C/m**2 per day and 0.58-0.87 mg/m**3 in regions of the continental slope; 570-1200 mg of C/m**2 per day and 2.7-4.9 mg/m**3 in the northwestern shelf. Potential rate of extra¬cellular enzyme hydrolysis of proteins and polysaccharides estimated from...
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