Contencentrations of reduced inorganic sulfur forms in Mediterranean Sea waters, supplement to: Neretin, Lev N; Zhabina, Nina N; Demidova, Tatyana P (1996): The content of inorganic reduced sulfur forms in the water of the Mediterranean Sea. Translated from Okeanologiya, 1996, 36(1), 61-65, Oceanology, 36(1), 54-58

Lev N Neretin, Nina N Zhabina & Tatyana P Demidova
The first data on content of inorganic reduced sulfur compounds [H2S, S°, S2O3(2-), SO3(2-)] were obtained at two stations in the northeastern Levant Sea (Mediterranean Basin). With lower detection limit for the mentioned sulfur forms of 30 nM, sulfide forms were not found, while thiosulfate concentration varied from 178 to 890 nM (from 24 to 78 % of total reduced S), and S° varied from 156 to 1090 nM. Vertical distribution of these compounds showed...
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