Meiofauna of surface sediments in the Cretan Sea, supplement to: Danovaro, Roberto; Tselepides, Anastasios; Otegui, Ana; Della Croce, Norberto (2000): Dynamics of meiofaunal assemblages on the continental shelf and deep-sea sediments of the Cretan Sea (NE Mediterranean): Relationships with seasonal changes in food supply. Progress in Oceanography, 46/2-4, 367-400

Roberto Danovaro, Anastasios Tselepides, Ana Otegui & Norberto Della Croce
Quantitative information on metazoan meiofaunal abundance and biomass was obtained from three continental shelf (at 40, 100 and 200 m depth) and four deep-sea stations (at 540, 700, 940 and 1540 m depth) in the Cretan Sea (South Aegean Sea, NE Mediterranean). Samples were collected on a seasonal basis (from August 1994 to September 1995) with the use of a multiple corer. Meiofaunal abundance and biomass on the continental shelf of the Cretan Sea were...
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