Biogeochemistry of sediments in the Aegean Sea, supplement to: Danovaro, Roberto; Marrale, Daniela; Della Croce, Norberto; Parodi, P; Fabiano, Mauro (1999): Biochemical composition of sedimentary organic matter and bacterial distribution in the Aegean Sea: Trophic state and pelagic-benthic coupling. Journal of Sea Research, 42/2, 117-129

Roberto Danovaro, Daniela Marrale, Norberto Della Croce, P Parodi & Mauro Fabiano
Biochemical composition of sedimentary organic matter (OM), vertical fluxes and bacterial distribution were studied at 15 stations (95-2270 m depth) in the Aegean Sea during spring and summer. Downward fluxes of labile OM were significantly higher in the northern than in the southern part and were higher in summer than in spring. Primary inputs of OM were not related to sedimentary OM concentrations, which had highest values in summer. Sedimentary chlorophyll-a concentrations were similar in...
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