Bubble sizes in waters of the Atlantic Ocean, supplement to: Goncharov, V K (1997): Investigation into bubble contents in the upper ocean from their cavitation manifestation in water flow. Analytical treatment of results. Translated from Okeanologiya, 1997, 37(4), 517-524, Oceanology, 37(4), 465-471

V K Goncharov
Typical size of bubbles obtained from cavitation inception pressure measured in the surface layer of the Atlantic Ocean in situ aboard R/V Professor Vize in 1971 and Nerey in 1973 are reported. These results do not contradict ones of bubble size measurements using optical or acoustical techniques. Variability of bubble size is discovered and described. This variability is related to passing from one geographical region to another (from 68°55'S to 61°52'N), to changes in depth...
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