(Table 1) Metal contents in marine green algae (Chlorophyta) with background and enhanced element concentrations in the environment, supplement to: Tropin, L V (1996): Taxonomic and ecological features of metal distribution in thalli of marine algae (Chlorophyta). Translated from Okeanologiya, 1996, 36(3), 424-430, Oceanology, 36(3), 391-397

L V Tropin
Character of metal accumulation in fractions of thalli of four species of marine green benthos algae under background and enhanced (0.3 mg/l) element concentrations in the environment was studied in short-term 24-hour experiments. Algae were shown to hold polysaccharide and protein mechanisms of metal accumulation. Variance analysis was applied to evaluate taxonomic and ecological features of metal distribution in fractions of thalli.
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