Feeding parameters of copepods from upwelling areas, supplement to: Drits, Alexander V; Pasternak, Anna F; Semenova, Tatyana N; Flint, Mikhail V (1990): Feeding of herbivorous copepods in upwelling areas. Diurnal rhythms, rations and consumption of phytoplankton. Oceanology, 30(2), 229-235

Alexander V Drits, Anna F Pasternak, Tatyana N Semenova & Mikhail V Flint
Feeding patterns of mass herbivorous copepods in upwelling areas are investigated. Daily rations and aspects of their formation are examined in Calanoides carinatus (Benguela upwelling), Calanus pacificus (off the California coast), and Calanus australis (Peru upwelling). Rations were calculated based on gut plant pigment contents obtained at daily stations using laser spectrofluorometry, experimental data on the rate of gut evacuation and data on the carbon/chlorophyll ratio in phytoplankton and particulate matter at the respective stations....
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