Sedimentological and pollen records from the fjord region of southern Chile, supplement to: Lamy, Frank; Kilian, Rolf; Arz, Helge Wolfgang; Francois, Jean-Pierre; Kaiser, Jérôme; Prange, Matthias; Steinke, Tatjana (2010): Holocene changes in the position and intensity of the southern westerly wind belt. Nature Geoscience, 3(10), 695-699

Frank Lamy, Rolf Kilian, Helge Wolfgang Arz, Jean-Pierre Francois, Jérôme Kaiser, Matthias Prange & Tatjana Steinke
The position and intensity of the southern westerly wind belt varies seasonally as a consequence of changes in sea surface temperature. During the austral winter, the belt expands northward and the wind intensity in the core decreases. Conversely, during the summer, the belt contracts, and the intensity within the core is strengthened. Reconstructions of the westerly winds since the last glacial maximum, however, have suggested that changes at a single site reflected shifts throughout the...
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