(Table 3) Interannual variability of total mass flux at the deep sediment trap site CBmeso between 1988 and 2006, supplement to: Fischer, Gerhard; Reuter, Christian; Karakas, Gökay; Nowald, Nicolas; Wefer, Gerold (2009): Offshore advection of particles within the Cape Blanc filament, Mauritania: Results from observational and modelling studies. In: Freon, P; Barange, M; Aristegui, J (eds.) Eastern Boundary Upwelling systems: Integrative and Comparative Approaches. Special Edition, Progress in Oceanography, 83(1-4), 322-330

Gerhard Fischer, Christian Reuter, Gökay Karakas, Nicolas Nowald & Gerold Wefer
This article will review major features of the 'giant' Cape Blanc filament off Mauritania with regard to the transport of chlorophyll and organic carbon from the shelf to the open ocean. Within the filament, chlorophyll is transported about 400 km offshore. Modelled particle distributions along a zonal transect at 21°N showed that particles with a sinking velocity of 5 m d**-1 are advected offshore by up to 600 km in subsurface particle clouds generally located...
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