Carbon dioxide assimilation rate, gas and ion composition in samples, and bacterial production of organic matter within and above the Broken Spur and TAG hydrothermal fields, Mid-Atlantic Ridge, supplement to: Lein, Alla Yu; Pimenov, Nikolay V; Vinogradov, Mikhail E; Ivanov, Mikhail V (1997): CO2 assimilation rate and bacterial production of organic matter above the hydrothermal fields at 26°N and 29°N at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Translated from Okeanologiya, 1997, 37(3), 396-407, Oceanology, 37(3), 359-369

Alla Yu Lein, Nikolay V Pimenov, Mikhail E Vinogradov & Mikhail V Ivanov
Rate of CO2 assimilation was determined above the Broken Spur and TAG active hydrothermal fields for three main ecosystems: (1) hydrothermal vents; (2) 300 m near-bottom layer of plume water; and (3) bottom sediments. In water samples from warm (40-45°C) vents assimilation rates were maximal and reached 2.82-3.76 µg C/l/day. In plume waters CO2 assimilation rates ranged from 0.38 to 0.65 µg C/l/day. In bottom sediments CO2 assimilation rates varied from 0.8 to 28.0 µg...
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