(Table 1) Results of measurements of production characteristics of phytoplankton and some physical parameters of the environment in the northeastern Norwegian Sea in July 1995, supplement to: Vedernikov, Vladimir I; Demidov, A B (1997): Primary production and chlorophyll in the northeastern Norwegian Sea in July 1995. Translated from Okeanologiya, 1997, 37(2), 250-256, Oceanology, 37(2), 227-232

Vladimir I Vedernikov & A B Demidov
From July 4 to 18,1995 surface chlorophyll a concentrations (C_cs) and integral primary production (C_ps) were studied in the northeastern part of the Norwegian Sea (73°42'N; 13°16'E), over a test area where an accident of the nuclear submarine Komsomolets had taken place. It was found that during this interval C_cs decreased by factor of about 3.3 (from 0.78 to 0.24 mg/m**3); average chlorophyll concentration within the photo-synthetic layer (C_cl) decreased by factor of about 3.5...
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