Geological investigations on sediment core Lz1120 from Lake Ohrid, supplement to: Wagner, Bernd; Sulpizio, Roberto; Zanchetta, Giovanni; Wulf, Sabine; Wessels, Martin; Daut, Gerhard; Nowaczyk, Norbert R (2008): The last 40 ka tephrostratigraphic record of Lake Ohrid, Albania and Macedonia: a very distal archive for ash dispersal from Italian volcanoes. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 177, 71-80

Bernd Wagner, Roberto Sulpizio, Giovanni Zanchetta, Sabine Wulf, Martin Wessels, Gerhard Daut & Norbert R Nowaczyk
A 1075 cm long core (Lz1120) was recovered in the south-eastern part of the Lake Ohrid (Republics of Macedonia and Albania) and sampled for identification of tephra layers. Magnetic susceptibility investigations show rather high magnetic values throughout the core, with peaks unrelated to the occurrence of tephra layers but instead to the relative abundance of detrital magnetic minerals in the sediment. Naked-eye inspection of the core allowed us to identify of two tephra layers, at...
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