Concentrations of particulate organic carbon in the Kara Sea and in the Obskaya Guba (Ob River estuary) in September 1993, supplement to: Alexandrova, Olga A; Shevchenko, Vladimir P (1997): Particulate lipid composition in the waters of the Ob River estuary and in the Kara Sea. Translated from Okeanologiya, 1997, 37(5), 715-722, Oceanology, 37(5), 643-650

Olga A Alexandrova & Vladimir P Shevchenko
Contents and distribution of particulate lipids were studied by thin-layer chromatography technique with flame ionization detection (Iatroscan TH-10) along the transect from the Ob River towards the Kara Sea. Lipid contents range from 18.4 to 266 µg/l with, average 84.97 µg/l, which comprises from 4.06 to 58.32 % of total particulate organic matter. Principal constituents of particulate lipids are hydrocarbons (32.14 % of total lipids on the average), polar compounds (29.85 %), wax and sterol...
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