(Table 1) Turbidity, temperature, and salinity in the hydrothermal plume and background waters above the northern part of the Mohn's Ridge at Station AMK36-3573-5, supplement to: Bogdanov, Yury A; Sagalevich, Anatoly M; Galkin, Sergey V; Chernyaev, Evgeny S; Lukashin, Vyacheslav N; Ivanov, Georgy V (1997): Geological and biological studies in the northern part of the Mohn's Ridge (Norwegian Sea). Translated from Okeanologiya, 1997, 37(4), 609-616, Oceanology, 37(4), 548-555

Yury A Bogdanov, Anatoly M Sagalevich, Sergey V Galkin, Evgeny S Chernyaev, Vyacheslav N Lukashin & Georgy V Ivanov
In July 1995 geological and biological studies in the axial zone of the northern part of the Mohn's Ridge (72°20'N) were carried out during Cruise 36 of R/V Akademik Mstislav Keldysh. Slopes of the neovolcanic zone, as well as a caldera on its crest were investigated with use of deep-sea manned submersibles Mir, geological and biological samples were also collected. Use of the Rosette sounding complex provided recognition of several major hydrothermal plumes. Bottom sediments...
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