Radiolaria in the surface layer of bottom sediments from the northern sector of the Benguela upwelling, supplement to: Matul, Alexander G (1998): On the Radiolaria from the surface layer of the bottom sediments of the northern sector of the Benguela upwelling. Translated from Okeanologiya, 1998, 38(5), 759-765, Oceanology, 38(5), 687-692

Alexander G Matul
Quantitative data on radiolarian assemblages from the Benguela upwelling at 17-25°S were obtained from analysis of 18 bottom sediment samples. The maximum abundance of Radiolaria (20000-40000 individuals per 1 g of sediment) was determined in sediments of the open ocean at depth 2000-4100 m. Species of tropical zones dominate in the assemblages; however content of species of subpolar and moderate zones reaches considerable values. In shelf sediments at depth 60-160 m abundance of Radiolaria (up...
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