Pollen record from Golkow, Poland, supplement to: Janczyk-Kopikowa, Zofia (1966): Interglacjal eemski w Golkowie kolo Warszawy (Eemian Interglacial at Golkow near Warsaw). Kwartalnik Geologiczny, 10(2), 453-461

Zofia Janczyk-Kopikowa
Janczyk-Kopikowa (1966): The series of the organic deposits, developed in the vicinity of Golkow near Warsaw as oil shales and peats, was laid down in a grough valley and now rests on the deposits of the Middle Polish Glaciation (Riss). The organic deposits are overlain by the fluviale deposits of the North Polish Glaciation (Würm). The locality Golkow occurs beyond the extent of the continental glacier of this glaciation.Polen analysis completed by microfloristic examinations allows...
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