Pollen record from a swamp in Ukraine, supplement to: Artyushenko, Alexandra T (1967): Priroda bolot i metody ich issledovaniy (According to the question of the age of the bogs of the forest-steppe in Ukraine). In: The nature of bogs and methods of their investigations, The Academy of Sciences of the USSR, All-Union Botanical Society, 291 pp, Nauka, Moscow [in russian], 95-98

Alexandra T Artyushenko
(1967): In 1956-1962 investigations of swamps from the forest-steppe and steppe of Ukraine were carried out. They were followed by spore-pollen studies of swamp deposits. These materials are partially published in papers devoted to the history of vegetation in the south of Ukraine and re-vegetation of landscape in different phases of Holocene (Artyushenko, Bachurina, 1958; Artyushenko, 1959, 1960; Artyushenko, Kucheryava, 1964). Peat area in the investigated region is very small. In the forest-steppe peat occupies...
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