Geochemistry of picrite basalts from the Liohi Volcano, supplement to: Matveenkov, Vladimir V; Sorokhtin, Oleg G (1998): Petrological peculiarities of the initial stages of development of intraplate volcanism of the Loihi Island (Hawaiian Archipelago). Translated from Okeanologiya, 1998, 38(5), 742-749, Oceanology, 38(5), 671-678

Vladimir V Matveenkov & Oleg G Sorokhtin
Research of the ocean floor using the Mir submersibles carried out south of the Hawaiian Archipelago allowed to recover flows of recent picrite basalts. Lava vents are confined to a field of development of open fractures of a gjar type. Basalts represent initial lava flows in the structure of the Hawaiian volcanic archipelago. Considering contents of alkali and rare-earth elements in them, the picrite basalts of the bottom could be assigned to a series of...
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