Some hydrophysical and hydrochemical parameters of the upper part of the hydrogen sulfide zone in the Black Sea, September 11-22, 1994, supplement to: Neretin, Lev N; Demidova, Tatyana P; Volkov, Igor I (1997): Features of spatial variability of a hydrogen sulfide field in the Black Sea off the Northern Caucasus. Translated from Okeanologiya, 1997, 37(3), 365-372, Oceanology, 37(3), 332-338

Lev N Neretin, Tatyana P Demidova & Igor I Volkov
Features of spatial variability of hydrogen sulfide in the northeastern part of the Black Sea are estimated. Some technical aspects of H2S concentration determination in the anoxic zone are discussed: in its upper part at H2S concentration <30 µmol/l, the photometric method is recommended, while for deeper layers the iodometric method should be used. With linearity of vertical distribution of hydrogen sulfide and ammonium taken into account their vertical gradients are estimated as 0.49+/-0.04 µmol/m...
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