Magnesium/Calcium ratios and sea surface temperature estimation for sediments of the Timor Sea, supplement to: Xu, Jian; Kuhnt, Wolfgang; Holbourn, Ann; Andersen, Nils; Bartoli, Gretta (2006): Changes in the vertical profile of the Indonesian Throughflow during Termination 2: Evidence from the Timor Sea. Paleoceanography, 21(4), PA4202

Jian Xu, Wolfgang Kuhnt, Ann Holbourn, Nils Andersen & Gretta Bartoli
We use a multiproxy approach to monitor changes in the vertical profile of the Indonesian Throughflow as well as monsoonal wind and precipitation patterns in the Timor Sea on glacial-interglacial, precessional, and suborbital timescales. We focus on an interval of extreme climate change and sea level variation: marine isotope (MIS) 6 to MIS 5e. Paleoproductivity fluctuations in the Timor Sea follow a precessional beat related to the intensity of the Australian (NW) monsoon. Paired Mg/Ca...
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