Stable isotopic and carbonate cyclicity in deep sea sediments from different DSDP Holes, supplement to: Thierstein, Hans R; Roth, Peter H (1991): Stable isotopic and carbonate cyclicity in Lower Cretaceous deep-sea sediments: Dominance of diagenetic effects. Marine Geology, 97(1-2), 1-34

Hans R Thierstein & Peter H Roth
Oxygen and carbon isotopic variability of the dominant (<38 µm) carbonate fraction within bedded, organic-carbon rich Lower Cretaceous sediment intervals from various DSDP sites are closely correlated with preservational changes in the carbonates. Isotopic fluctuations are absent where carbonate contents vary little and where the carbonate fraction is dominated by biogenic phytoplankton remains. Within each of the studied intervals oxygen and carbon isotopic ratios become increasingly more negative in samples with carbonate contents higher than...
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