(Table 1) Bulk mineralogy from DSDP Hole 87-584, supplement to: O'Brien, David K; Manghnani, Murli H; Schoonmaker Tribble, Jane (1989): Irregular trends of physical properties in homogeneous clay-rich sediments of DSDP Leg 87 Hole 584, midslope terrace in the Japan Trench. Marine Geology, 87(2-4), 183-194

David K O'Brien, Murli H Manghnani & Jane Schoonmaker Tribble
Compressional velocity (Vp), attenuation (in terms of its inverse, the compressional quality factor Qp), electrical resistivity (sigma), bulk (rho b) and grain (rho g) densities, porosity (phi), and bulk mineralogy were measured on diatomaceous hemipelagic sediments from DSDP Leg 87, Hole 584. Although the sediment lithology and the bulk mineralogy determined by X-ray diffraction are relatively homogeneous, the physical, acoustic and electrical properties of the sediments show irregular trends with depth, with variations in the...
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