Spherules and basement analyses from DSDP Hole 5-32, supplement to: Melson, William G; O'Hearn, Timothy; Fredriksson, Kurt (1988): Composition and origin of basaltic glass spherules in pelagic clay from the eastern Pacific. Marine Geology, 83(1-4), 253-271

William G Melson, Timothy O'Hearn & Kurt Fredriksson
Lower Miocene basaltic glass spherules from DSDP Site 32 pelagic sediments in the eastern Pacific are compositionally diverse, and new analyses and interpretations have been added to those of earlier workers. The spherules are of titanian ferrobasalt which is compositionally similar to highly evolved abyssal basalts and to some oceanic island eruptives, and they were most likely shaped during intense lava fountaining during a number of separate eruptions. These eruptions tapped distinct but related magma...
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